Tour Features

Customized hot-spots
Social share & Facebook like
Thumbnail gallery
Integrated image gallery
Right click options
100% zoom due to full-frame camera
Different viewing options

The entire tour is VR ready and can be viewed with mobile devices with Google Cardboard
or any other VR viewing platform.
All tours can be easily integrated into any homepage or stand alone as a link.

Please click the full-frame icon in the menu for the best viewing experience.

Possible add-ons

Integrated logo
Information pop-up
Homepage pop-up
Integrated floor-plan with hot-spots
Integrated google maps with hot-spots
Radar screen to show the viewing direction
Static start image
Starting effects such as a little planet effect
Additional logos or branding elements
Customized hotspots
Integrated videos, PDFs or web content
Change between ‘day and night’ view
Minimized/customized option bar
Background sound
Embedded videos with directional sound
Google analytics ready

All elements can be either placed in different areas of the tour, or hidden with a special button.

For any other requests, please do not hesitate to contact us directly!


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