Why use 360 Images and videos ?

  • They are cost effective as well a great return on investment, as you get a virtual tour / 360 video, which you can add to your website or have them as the website itself. They also have the benefit that you can share them on social media as well as via email etc.

  • Studies have shown that customers will stay up to 70 % longer on a website with a virtual tour than on a website which has no virtual tour.

  • You give control to the viewer. They can really ‘look around’ instead of just being given a flat image.

  • Event agencies, venues and their clients can all benefit. Both virtual tours and 360 videos can be shown to existing stakeholders and clients as a record to reinforce the success of an event and be used as a marketing tool to promote future events.

  • It saves you and your company time and money, as you can refer to the tour or video to show in a concise and dramatic way what you can really offer.

  • You can implement normal text boxes, images, pdf’s, webpages and videos as well as 360 videos into the tour. Social shares and direct contact links make it easy for the customer to get all relevant information as well as contact solutions.

  • Virtual Tours and 360 videos of Events, event venues, hotels and restaurants can give the viewer the feeling of being ‘in the location’ and feel how it is inside, a vital and unique selling point. Studies have shown that hotels had between 60% and 80% higher bookings when using virtual tours of the rooms.

  • All major internet players such as Youtube and Facebook support 360 videos and they can be viewed on all smartphones as well. This makes them easy to upload and share giving a wide target reach and customer interaction.